EV Curious

Luxury brand Audi embraces an electrified future with the debut of its stylish 2016 A3 e-tron plug-in

Audi’s goal to create a tech-savvy plug-in electric without sacrificing its well-known brand benchmarks – drivability, quality construction and a “special car feel,” have yielded the A3 e-tron; a sportback with one foot solidly placed in the luxury world and the other taking a step into the electric vehicle lifestyle realm.

Smart, safe and eye-appealing, the XC90 T8 is Volvo’s first plug-in SUV to hit the USA

Swedish automaker Volvo has redesigned its XC90 line from scratch with a forward-thinking philosophy centered on using smaller, more powerful Drive-E motors which will eventually displace all the five and six-cylinder motors the brand uses in its other lines. It’s the first “all-new” model designed from the ground floor up by the automaker since the Chinese conglomerate Geely purchased the company in 2010. The Swedes use the term “Twin Engine Technology” to describe their new hybrid gasoline/electric drivetrain.

There are plenty of reasons to like the World’s Most Popular Pure Electric: more range in the 2016 version is one of them

Upon its arrival in 2011, the Nissan Leaf was praised for its environmental prowess, forward-thinking design and the longest range of any pure electric. There’s plenty more of the same in the 2016 Leaf, which Nissan says is the last version of the original Leaf before the redesigned Next Generation Leaf arrives in late 2017 or early 2018. Affordability, comfortable seating, eco-friendliness and more range is what consumers want in a pure electric and Nissan delivers on all four. Its five-door hatchback with room for 5 passengers is the most popular auto body globally.

The Future Is Electric – The World Is On The Verge Of An Automotive Revolution: CURRENT is helping Los Angeles customers find the right EV for their lifestyle

Globally, at the end of 2010, there were 25,000 electric cars on the road. At the end of 2011, there were 80,000 – more than three times that amount. At the end of 2012, there were 200,000 – 2.5 times more. And at the end of 2014, there were 405,000.  Translation: the number of EVs sold doubles or triples each year. Meaning: sales are exponential. 

Versatile Volt: The 2016 model’s improved range, space-age sleekness, and lowered price tag make it the hottest plug-in hybrid on the market

The redesigned, front-wheel drive, extended-range 2016 Chevrolet Volt comes with lots of improvements, including an excellent all-electric range of 53 miles, agile handling, strong brakes, sharp steering, a smooth ride, a quiet cabin and a sleek, futuristic exterior design. 

Eco-karma with electric soul: Kia’s 2016 Soul EV is a funky box on wheels with lots of fans, proving style and practicality can go hand in hand

One thing you can say for sure about the 2016 Kia Soul: its square shape provides an abundance of head and seat space, with room for five passengers. Behind the rear setbacks you’ll get 19 cubic feet of cargo space, which expands to an expansive 61 cubic feet when both sections of the rear 60/40 split seats are folded down. This is far greater than many of Soul’s competitors, such as the Leaf and Volt. 

Chevrolet’s 200–Mile BOLT aims to throw the Electric Vehicle Evolution/Revolution into overdrive

The three important facts you need to know about the Bolt are: 1.) it will be capable of traveling 200 miles or more on a single charge; 2.) it will cost around $30,000 after a $7,500 tax deduction ($2,500 additional dollars more will be subtracted via a rebate issued to California drivers); and 3.) Chevy claims it will likely be available in late 2016/early 2017.  If the rollout happens as expected, Chevrolet will beat Tesla to the punch, delivering BOLT to the masses before Elon Musk’s Tesla Model 3 hits the market.

A study by UCLA’s Luskin Center says 40% of plug-ins in California are purchased to get access to HOV lanes

California drivers are finding plenty of reasons to purchase plug-in versions of EVs and hybrids; they feel good driving vehicles that create no carbon footprints, they’re incentivized by generous tax rebates and much lower fuel costs, and they enjoy the technology and high-tech futuristic styling.

Driving dynamics, advanced high-tech and futuristic styling make the BMW i3 one of the most desirable EVs on the market

With it’s avant-garde, cutting-edge looks, aerodynamic design and electric efficiency, the BMW i3 provides a major dose of appeal on both a visual and emotional level. Depending on whom you ask, it’s either dorky-looking, or space-age and strikingly attractive. One thing’s for sure: this isn’t your average Bimmer: this break from the past can’t be mistaken for any other EV on the road.