A $30K, 300-Mile Range Chevy Equinox is Coming In 2023


If General Motors delivers a modern, tasteful, efficient electric Chevrolet SUV to market that gets 300 miles of range and has a starting MSRP of around $30K, it could be a significant game changer. Especially for areas of America not named California. Lower prices for electric SUVs translate to more EV adopters taking the plunge.

By John Coulter

Before the Chevy Equinox EV reaches the market, Chevrolet’s  Silverado EV pickup and Chevrolet Blazer EV will be launched. These three models will be a big part of the OEM’s electrification efforts, along with the Cadillac Lyriq and already debuted GMC Hummer EV Pickup.

The 2023 Equinox EV will be built on the Ultium platform that General Motors will use for most of its future electric vehicles. The electric vehicle which will be launched with both fleet and retail versions, including LT and RS trims.

Says Joel Feder of motorauthority.com: “Notably, the Equinox EV sports an attractive design, with a thin upper light strip up front and two lights below in a closed off maw that looks like a grille. Flared fenders up front with wide haunches at the rear give it an athletic stance, and the blunt rear roofline provides a different look than the typical crossover.”

“The Ultium platform and batteries are capable of more than 400 miles of range in the right applications (depending on vehicle size and battery pack), according to GM.Given the mass-market nature of the Equinox, and the aggressive price point, the Equinox EV might run on the Ultium's 400-volt electrical architecture with fast-charging capability of up to (and possibly over) 200 kilowatts. Ultium batteries range in capacity from 50-200 kilowatt-hours, with the largest vehicles such as the Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Hummer EV running the largest 200-kwh packs, while the Cadillac Lyric will launch with a 100-kwh pack.”

“Inside, the Equinox EV will share its technology and design with the Silverado EV, including what appears to be the 11.0-inch digital instrument cluster and a 17.0-inch center touchscreen. GM's fantastic Super Cruise limited hands-free driver-assist system could be on the options list.”

Says motortrend.com writer Alisa Priddle: “Launching with both fleet and retail versions, the electric Equinox will be several notches less boring than the gas-fed model on sale today. The first released images show a crossover that is more sleek and modern than a conventional Equinox, with more dramatically sculpted sides. We know there will be at least two trim levels: LT and RS. One image shows a two-tone red and black interior (obviously the RS) and enough screens to cover almost two-thirds of the dash. Another image shows a silver interior with a more conservative silver and black color exterior scheme, with more body-color elements on the nose than the aggressive RS. The Equinox EV was designed to offer an affordable, high-volume electric vehicle for the Chevy brand as GM attempts to offer EVs in all segments and price points.”

Says topelectricsuv.com reviewer Sagar Parikh: “The Chevy Equinox EV looks smaller compared to the ‘engined’ Equinox. It appears to be closer to the Trailblazer size-wise, but a longer wheelbase is clearly visible. Compared to the ICE-powered Equinox, one could say that GM designers have created the SUV from the scratch. It’s a completely different silhouette, and the lack of the wraparound back glass and short overhangs instantly sets it apart from the combustion model. At the front, the Equinox EV features a curvy hood, a full-width LED DRL strip, a closed nose section with a black surround featuring C-shaped outer ends and horizontal main lights, and a compact lower grille. On the sides, the Equinox EV has normal five-spoke wheels and flush door handles, although we’re not sure whether the latter is a production-intent feature. Thick C-pillars and a strong shoulder area are among the noteworthy design details here.”

“At the rear, the Equinox EV flaunts a steeply raked windscreen, a concave lower tailgate with a hexagonal surface, a hexagonal registration plate area, and wide combination lamps that meet the brand logo with a slim extension. Overall, the Equinox EV looks dynamic despite the smaller dimensions. Plus, there’s an RS variant for customers who want a sportier expression.”

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WRITTEN 5/2022