The 2022 GV60 is Genesis’ first all-electric vehicle

The GV60 is a high-performance electric vehicle with a sleek and athletic coupé crossover utility vehicle (CUV) design that expands Genesis’ “Athletic Elegance” design identity into the sustainable luxury space.

The GV60 is Genesis’ first vehicle to be built on the dedicated EV platform known as Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), marking the brand’s move towards electrification. The EV is a front- and rear-motor, all-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door SUV.

The EV won four honors at the world-renowned iF Design Award 2022 competition, three for Product Design and one for Interior Architecture. Organized by the International Forum Design GmbH, based in Hanover, Germany, the prestigious contest recognizes excellence in design in a wide range of fields.

Says “Genesis's first EV is the 2023 GV60, which shares a platform with the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 but offers a more posh interior and whimsical design.”

Featuring Two Lines lamps, the front design perfectly complements the vehicle’s refined and voluminous body. Iconic and instantly recognizable, the Two-Line design is a symbol of Genesis vehicles.

At the rear of the GV60, the coupé roof profile ends with a distinctive fixed wing spoiler. The shoulder volume of the rear fender, emphasizes the vehicle’s side stance, further highlighting its dynamic, high-performance electric vehicle image. The finishing touch of the GV60’s rear is the Genesis signature Two Line lamps.

The coupé silhouette, streamlined from the hood to the spoiler, solidifies a more athletic profile with a short overhang and a long wheelbase of 2,900 mm.

In addition, the chrome Volt DLO (Day Light Opening), which begins from the top of the windshield towards the rear with a distinctive V shape, is another design element that demonstrates the dynamism and anti conformist style of the GV60.

The interior design of the GV60 takes on Genesis’ design ethos of the ‘Beauty of White Space’, while seeking to create a spacious and comfortable interior. At the same time, its floating architecture and unique details are combined to create a unique look. 

The Crystal Sphere is one of the most compelling design elements of the GV60. It is not only an aesthetic element of the interior design, but it is also built to create an emotional connection between the driver and the vehicle. When the vehicle is turned off, the Crystal Sphere becomes the vehicle’s mood lights, adding to the aesthetic of the driving experience. When the vehicle is ready to drive, the sphere rotates and the Shift By Wire (SBW) appears, creating an indoor atmosphere of futuristic mobility.

The next-generation infotainment system – the connected car Integrated Cockpit (ccIC) – connects the cluster and navigation into a panoramic display, creating a high-tech look and outstanding usability.

Eco-friendly and recycled materials: To make the GV60 more sustainable, various parts are created with eco-friendly and recycled materials. The seats, door armrests, console armrests, and crash pads are made with plant-based leather. The seat covers and door center trims features fabrics made with yarns extracted from recycled PET bottles and fishnets.

There are two trims:  
Advanced AWD model (MSRP: $58,890)
Premium Performance AWD model (MSRP: $67,890)

There are three PE (Power Electric) Systems to choose from:

• Standard 2WD
Max power: 168 kW – 168 kW(Rear)
Max torque: 350 Nm – 350 Nm(Rear)

• Standard AWD
Combined Max Power: 234 kW –  74kW(Front) / 160kW (Rear)
Combined Max Torque: 605 Nm – 605 Nm(Front/Rear Combined)

• Performance AWD
Combined Max Power: 360 kW – 180 kW(Front/Rear)
Combined Max Torque: 700 Nm – 350 Nm(Front/Rear)

Compatible with standard chargers, rapid chargers, and super rapid chargers, the multi charging system provides a convenience enabling stable and rapid charging with various charging infrastructure. The multi charging system enables stable and rapid charging with various charging infrastructure. When charging at 350kW with the ultra-speed charging function, the battery can be charged from 10 percent to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. Furthermore, charging time for the slow charging function has been shortened by increasing the charging capacity from 7.2kW to 11kW.

Experience the smooth opening and closing of the electronic power charging door. The charging system can be operated using various methods such as a panel push (open)/panel touch or button click (close), as well as with a smart key, Genesis Connected Services app, and AVN voice recognition. It also includes an indicator to show 8 battery-charge levels.

The GV60 offers a safe and convenient driving experience with advanced autonomous driving technology that is based on active safety approach, as well as various driver assistance systems, protecting passengers from possible dangers both inside and outside of the vehicle. They include:

• Digital Side Mirrors: connected to the camera and OLED monitor system, digital side mirrors provide a clear and a wide viewing angle of the rear of the vehicle. A variety of cutting-edge convenient services, such as ‘Lane Change Assist Line Display’ and Reverse Parking Screen Magnification are provided as well.

• Driving Technology: Highway Driving Assist 2, with lane changing Assist is standard. Highway Driving Assist monitors the distance between you and the car in front, automatically maintaining a safe speed and distance. When driving over a certain speed, hold the steering wheel and move the turn signal switch in the direction of the desired lane to change lanes automatically.

• Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control: The GV60 uses navigation data to identify upcoming highway ramps, curves, and speed zones on highways or freeways and adapts accordingly by automatically decelerating and reaccelerating as needed.

• Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist assists the driver’s steering in the event of a potential collision by detecting obstacles such as pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles, even controlling the vehicle’s brake to avoid a collision when necessary. GV60 automatically applies braking when a collision is imminent from the left or right side at an intersection.

• Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance: When the system detects an imminent collision from the rear while changing lanes, it either alerts or assists in avoiding the collision through automatic brake activation. If a possible collision is detected while the vehicle is leaving a parking space from a parallel-parked position, the system assists the driver via automatic braking activation.

• Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM): When the driver turns on the left or right indication signal, blind spot views on the left or right side are shown on the cluster.

• Multi-Collision Brake (MCB): The Multi-Collision Brake (MCB) automatically activates the brake if the driver temporarily loses control of the vehicle after a first collision.

• Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA): When reversing, if a risk of collision with an oncoming vehicle from the left or right is detected, there will be an alert. Even after warning, it automatically assists braking if the risk of a collision increases.

• Rear Guide Lamps: When the vehicle is backing up, this safety feature projects lights from rear LED guide lamps onto the road, alerting other vehicles and pedestrians to minimize the risk of accidents.

• Intelligent Front Lighting System (IFS): The system allows the driver to use high beams without the risk of blinding oncoming traffic or any preceding vehicle. This function is achieved using LEDs with individual electronic controls that can be brightened or dimmed as required.

• Safe Exit Assist: When a vehicle approaching from the rear is detected when the vehicle is stopped, the child lock of the rear door is kept locked.

• Advanced Rear Occupant Alert (ROA, radar-based): It detects the movement of passengers in the rear seat and warns the driver to prevent any possible accidents.

• Remote Smart Parking Assist(RSPA): The RSPA (wide-angle camera-based parking and diagonal parking included) helps you park and exit the vehicle remotely from outside the vehicle.

• Surround View Monitors (SVM): For safe parking, it shows the surroundings of the vehicle.

Experience the unique value of GENESIS’ Connected Services. Drive safely and comfortably 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with advanced, connected car services.

• 5 year, 100,000 km warranty for general and body parts, as well as engine/powertrain components
• 10 year, 200,000 km warranty for EV-exclusive parts
• 3 year, 60,000 km free replacement of key consumables