About Us

CURRENT was founded with a simple goal in mind: to make buying or leasing an EV as easy and inexpensive as possible. We can also help you buy and install the right charger and assist you with getting solar power installed to power your home, business, and electric vehicle.

Because we have relationships with the EV dealerships, charger wholesalers and solar power installers, we can save you thousands of dollars. The experts at CURRENT will tell you everything you need to know about your EV, charger, and solar power. It starts with a phone call to 310-477-2233


How We Work

CURRENT acts as an advocate for its customers. You pay us nothing for our services. We have arrangements with the auto dealers, solar installers, and charger wholesalers we work with. We help you find the right EV, charger, and/or solar power installation that makes sense for your lifestyle and budget.


CURRENT's Team of Experts

David Eagle, Founder & CEO

CURRENT’s Founder and CEO is an Emmy Award Winning TV Producer/Director, a Green Technology entrepreneur and an electric vehicle, solar power and charger expert. His house is 100% solar-powered.


David became an early Los Angeles Westside adopter of both EVs and solar power. He owns one of the 1st Nissan Leafs sold in the United States, a Chevy Volt, a BMW i3 and a Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive. His home is powered entirely by solar power; his monthly bill from LADWP often shows a negative balance. He charges his electric vehicles with a charger installed in his garage. The solar panels on the roof of his home provide all the energy he needs to power his residence and his EVs.


Through the extensive contacts he has established with Los Angeles automobile dealerships, and via his relationships with various organizations like Plug-In America and Alt Car Expo, David has become an expert on finding the best deals for electric vehicles, chargers and solar power. He has personally assisted many EV purchasers through the process of test driving the vehicles they’re considering, helping them negotiate their deal and aiding them with important after-details such as filing for rebates and tax credits and obtaining HOV stickers.


David’s career spans more than 30 years supplying media product to the TV networks, cable channels and movie studios. He worked for NBC News and several independent companies before starting his own production companies in 1990. ABC, CBS, Fox and PBS were all recipients of David’s award-winning work. He is additionally a principal founder in a film and video clip distribution company.


David was also the principal founder and Chairman of the Board of New West Charter School, one of the most prestigious and successful charter schools in Los Angeles. Starting from scratch with nothing more than a concept and a passion to create one of the best public schools possible, David gathered together an esteemed group of educators and parents to accomplish what many said couldn’t be done. 12 years later, New West is academically rated the Number One Charter School in LA; a stunning success story. David brings the same management skills and tenacity for creating something spectacular to CURRENT.


Paul Scott, VP of Sales

CURRENT’s VP of Sales was one of the leading Nissan Leaf salesman in the USA for four years running. He has sold hundreds of EVs to satisfied customers. Paul has worked for Solar City, is a Co-founder of Plug-In America and a former President of the Electric Vehicle Association of Southern California.


Paul is one of America’s most recognized spokespersons for electric vehicles and solar power. He owned an original 2002 Toyota Rav 4 EV for over 8 years and drove the car 91,000 miles, charging it with electricity from his solar panel array. A Solar City consultant, he recently retired as the Leaf Specialist at Nissan of Downtown LA. A lifelong environmentalist and top national LEAF salesman, Paul has worked tirelessly to promote EV adoption, charging infrastructure and renewable energy. “Paul is one of the most dedicated activists and educators for both electric cars and solar,” says Chris Paine, director of “Who Killed The Electric Car” and “Revenge of the Electric Car.” 


Paul organizes EV ride-and-drives at large local corporations and he trained the Downtown Nissan dealership staff about the environmental, economic and national security benefits of EVs. He has assisted hundreds of Westside residents with buying their 1st electric vehicle and charger, and getting their solar power installed.


John Coulter, Founder, CMO                                             

CURRENT’s Chief Marketing Officer attended the Chicago Art Institute, the University of Illinois, and UCLA. A photographer, fine artist and graphic designer in Los Angeles for 40 years, he drives a Nissan Leaf.


John is a well-known Los Angeles graphic designer who has created branding, CD packaging, marketing strategies and advertising campaigns for some of the world's most successful recording artists. His clients have included: Madonna, Shakira, Elton John, Enrique Iglesias, Josh Groban, Paula Abdul, Cher, Janet and Michael Jackson, Steve Winwood, Wynonna, Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond. During the 20 years between 1984 and 2004, the advertising campaigns and souvenir apparel John designed for his client’s international tours produced $1.5 billion dollars in ticket revenues and ancillary merchandise sales: a world record for a single designer creating advertising and marketing strategies for performing artists. 


John’s corporate design clients have included AMC Theatres, ChevronTexaco, MGM Grand Airlines, the Hotel Bel Air, Black Entertainment Television, The Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre and The Elton John Aids Foundation.



TESTIMONIALS: What clients are saying about CURRENT


“I was curious about getting a Volt, but nervous about the range I would get. David took me for a test drive, explained how the Volt works – 40 miles on electricity and then switches to gas for up to 300 miles. I really like the car very much and after all my questions were answered, I was sold.” – Ronda K of West LA


 “When my Leaf lease was up, I went to CURRENT to help me get a new one. They were professional and more knowledgeable than any of the dealers I went to and they negotiated a better deal for me than I was able to do on my own.” – Bob J of Santa Monica


 “I needed to replace my old Toyota Rav 4 EV. So I talked to David at CURRENT and told him what my budget was and he recommended a Chevy Spark EV. I drove it with David and loved it. He negotiated a great lease for me and I love the car.” – John E of Pacific Palisades


 “I was in the market for a Prius. The guys at CURRENT suggested trying out the Chevy Volt, which is an extended range EV, not actually a hybrid. After driving it, I thought it was a fantastic car. Fun to drive, great high tech features and I’m saving a fortune on gas – Thanks CURRENT!”  –  Sarah H – Beverly Hills


 “We love our Volt. Thank you so much David for all your help and expertise! It’s nice to know someone with so much knowledge about the Volt and all the other alternative fuel cars. You made our decision-making so much easier. With much appreciation,” – Janet & Rick S of Pacific Palisades


 “I was interested in an EV but worried about the range, you know; range anxiety.  But the guys at CURRENT asked me a lot of questions about my car needs and recommended the BMW i3 REX, the one with the range extender. They got me a fantastic deal so I leased it. My commute is 50 miles each day but the i3 can almost do that commute twice on one charge. I hardly ever need to use the gas engine. Now I don’t worry at all and love my i3! Thank you CURRENT for making me a believer in EVs.”  - Carl A of Los Angeles 



CURRENT Investment Opportunities:  

CURRENT The EV Lifestyle Store is a LACI portfolio company

LA Cleantech Incubator (LACI) is the City of Los Angeles’s official cleantech incubator established to accelerate the commercialization of clean technology. In 2014, LACI was ranked by UBI Global as the Number 6 university-affiliated business incubator in the world out of 800+ incubators in 67 countries. LACI is based at the La Kretz Innovation Campus; a 60,000 square foot cleantech center and research and development facility. A Global Top Ten Incubator, LACI has raised more than $50 million dollars for the companies it mentors and was selected by the US Department of Energy as one of three incubators nationally to receive funding.


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