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Pure Electrics, Plug-in Hybrids, Extended Range EVs – What’s the difference?

A Pure Electric, or Battery Electric (BEV) is a vehicle that gets all its power from its batteries and electric motors. It contains no internal combustion engine (ICE). The top-selling Pure Electric is the Nissan Leaf.

A Plug-In hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) or plug-in hybrid, uses an electric motor and gas engine – to operate. Its electric motor uses batteries that are recharged by plugging in to an electric power source (a wall socket or EV charger). The gas-powered motor can work together with the electric motor, or separately on its own, to power the powertrain.

An Extended Range EV (EREV) has an auxiliary power unit (called a range extender) which increases the EREV’s driving range. Most range extenders are small internal combustion engines that drive an electric generator furnishing the electric batteries and motor with electricity. The top-selling Extended Range EV is the Chevrolet Volt. Its electric motor has a 40 mile range and its gas engine has a 300 mile range, giving it around a 340 mile total range.

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    There are currently 4 primary incentives available to the California consumer that substantially lower the cost of buying or leasing an EV. CURRENT provides all the guidance or assistance you may need to apply for these incentives.